Course details:

  • Time - Mondays, 10am - 12:30pm

  • Location - Two Rivers Park, Donelson

  • Content - naturalist studies, permaculture gardening, conservation, & urban wildlife

  • Activity level - HIGH!

GROW is pleased to offer a comprehensive naturalist program for homeschool students of all ages on Mondays at our project site. Each day students will hike through our urban forest to the GROW garden education area. Once there, they'll have a short discovery-based lesson then spend time working in the gardens before moving on to a less structured nature play time. Our overall goal is to provide your student with the space and time to explore nature at an unhurried pace. Learning will come from doing and exploring together.

Registration fee reserves your child's place in the class for the month. Each class stands alone so your child will not be "behind" if they must miss a class. 

Please note that participation in this class involves having a caregiver volunteer to be an adult helper at least once per month. You will be contacted regarding volunteering upon receipt of your registration. Thank you!

****Parents of toddlers and preschoolers please read:

This year we have decided to open our naturalist program to students of all ages, including the very youngest! In order to make this possible, it will be necessary for parents of children under age five to stay at the GROW site and participate in activities with their child. We encourage you to give your child as much freedom as he/she can handle while remaining near enough to assist, encourage, or comfort them as needed.

(Siblings under the age of three in the care of a parent with another child enrolled do not require registration.)

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All of GROW's programs at the garden lab are entirely outdoors. It is important that students arrive prepared to engage in nature and cope with varying weather conditions. We recommend dressing in layers for early spring and fall, and dressing in light weight breathable fabrics during hot summer months. Also, Middle TN is home to an abundance of insects including ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes. Please be sure to take appropriate precautions to protect your child from these pests. It is advisable that children wear closed-toed shoes to the garden lab to protect their feet from sharps, stinging insects, or snakes that may be hidden in grass or leaf litter inside the forest. These simple steps help to ensure your child is comfortable while at GROW and able to focus on the joy of learning in nature. 

Finally, please be sure your child always brings a small healthy snack and a reusable water bottle to GROW. We will provide a water bottle refill station at the garden.  Having a backpack to put these items in will make hiking much more enjoyable for your child.