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One component of GROW's mission is to aid in the conservation of native wildlife. From our very beginning we worked with our friends at the UT Extension to create a space where we could relate the story of native bees to the public and raise awareness of their plight. At our current site, we promote the welfare of bees by encouraging a permaculture growing environment. This means that plants often thought of as weeds may be allowed to grow to the end of their flowering season, that pollinator friendly flowers are interplanted in abundance with all other crops, and that some areas are left "wild" and undisturbed so that ground dwelling bees may have an opportunity to nest and raise brood successfully.  It is our hope that visitors to our site will be inspired to alter their own residential landscapes to benefit native pollinators. 

Our plan for the new project site is to tell the story of both native bees and honeybees by featuring them in the various innitiative areas of the landscape. We're working on developing special learning stations for each area:

The funding we recieve through donations and grants will help us to install these stations over the next two years. This will directly impact thousands of school aged children who visit the site on field trips, as well as the general public. 

This winter we are working on the design and construction of a new bee apiary enclosure where we can provide a safe home for honeybees. Our goal is to dedicate the apiary in the early spring of 2018. To carry out our plans for the expansion and development of the apiary, we need funding through private and corporate donations. Each beehive costs upwards of $120, plus additional costs for gear, food (new colonies must be fed continuously the entire first year), healthcare products, other equipment, and educational materials. 100% of all donations to the bee sanctuary program will be allocated directly to this sub-project of GROW and used only for the benefit of the bees.

GROW is also seeking persons with a strong knowledgebase in either native bees or honeybees to join our bee sanctuary development team. If you are interested in this project please click the link below to reach out to us!

Together we make a lasting impact for future generations.


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