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Native Tree Planting

Saturday 3/11/17, Time: 11-3pm

Team Leader(s): 

  • Monica Escamilla (GROW Co-Founder) - Forestry Team Leader

Meetup Location: GROW Parking Lot

Primary Goals for Today: 

  • Removing organic debris from forest trail cleanup event
  • Planting new native trees and shrubs to re-forest the area

We have now recieved over 1000 native trees and bushes to help reforest our site with and we need your help! Come lend a hand! Tasks will include:

  • Digging tree holes
  • Planting trees
  • Staking trees for support
  • Mulching Trees


Parking: Please park in the GROW parking lot located on the back side of the forest, adjacent to Two Rivers Middle School. It is accessible via a small roadway labeled "bike trail" adjacent to the backside of the dog park. 

How to find us: Our team will meet at the parking area at 11am. If you arrive late we reccomend that you locate us by parking in the U-shaped parking area accross from the dog park and entering the forest where there is a trailhead sign reading "McGavock Spring Trail". Following this trail downhill will lead you to the area we will be working in.

Please let us know you are coming by completing the form below. In the message, indicate how many people you are bringing with you and their ages. We will email you directions to the site and details about where to meet up with our group. 

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