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Field Demonstration for the Innovations in Invasive Species Management Conference

GROW is honored to, once again, host the field demonstration event for the Innovations in Invasive Species Management conference! The control and management of invasive plants has become a huge focus area of our forest restoration work at the Two Rivers Park project site. This issue is one of utmost importance for all residents, especially homeowners in the Metro Nashville area who are fortunate enough to have large canopy trees on their property. Citywide our urban trees are at risk of loss due to overgrowth of invasive non-native species of plants. Our favorite parks, too, all are facing loss of plant diversity and habitat for urban wildlife. At this conference you can gain valuable knowledge and connect with local resources to help you join the movement to save our urban tree canopy from loss! You can also join us at Two Rivers Park for the annual “Weed Wrangle” event to participate in removing these detrimental plant species from the public park.

Later Event: March 2
2019 Weed Wrangle