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Volunteer Opportunity - Urban Forest Restoration at GROW


Our project site at Two Rivers Park covers almost 14 acres worth of the park, at the far northern edge. It contains open farmland, a lake (aquatic ecosystem), and two distinct “pocket forests.” Both of our forest parcels have been severely affected by invasive non-native plant species. These plants ultimately have a negative impact on the wildlife that depends on this system by outcompeting native flora for resources.

At GROW, we’ve taken on the ambitious task of eradicating these species and replanting native trees, shrubs, and perennials. Our partners in this work include the TN Invasive Plant Council, TN Environmental Council, and local native plant supplier GroWild. Together with these partners we host two large scale events each March; Weed Wrangle and 250K Tree Day. However, the system is in such dire condition that we must continue to work on this issue year-round. That’s where you come in!

Come volunteer with us by signing up through Hands On Nashville: