Go-GROW Mobile Lab

Mobile Lab
Ginger-Rose is the BEST! I have worked closely with her through my school. She has done lessons for my class on composting, worms, and bees. All the lessons are hands on , child centered, and include real life applications. She truly brings these lessons to life! GROW lessons will be ones that stick with your child and change the way they live for the better!
— Carol Burden, MNPS Teacher
This organization is amazing! Last Spring, Mrs. Ginger Rose piloted a program in my classroom with weekly lessons focusing on amazing habitats. The lessons were powerful, because she made the learning experiential. I would recommend this program to any elementary teacher who wants to get her students to learn about life science in a hands on way.
— Dr. Olivia Travis, Stanford Elementary, Nashville

Garden science delivered to your classroom...

One of GROW's founders, Ginger-Rose, got her start working with children in the garden at a local elementary school. She helped the school build it's outdoor classroom and carried the role of garden coordinator for many years. 

One big takeaway from this experience was that school gardens are both AMAZING and also really hard to maintain. As she pondered how she could get more kids outside into classroom settings like the one she'd built, she came up with the idea of bringing the garden into the school - a mobile garden classroom.

GROW spent a year developing this project concept and another year piloting the program in a real public school. We are proud to say it is up and running and we've developed three very special lessons to capture the interest of students and teachers alike. They are:

  • Intro to Urban Beekeeping
  • Vermicomposting (wiggly fun!)
  • Discover Native Bees