A look at our programs


Homeschool Enrichment

One of the many advantages of homeschooling is the freedom to let children choose the direction and pace of their educations. At GROW we strive to create an environment that naturally engages childrens curiosities and supports their discovery. Our Naturalist Class is designed to do a few key things for your child:

  • Foster a love of nature and learning
  • Provide time and space to engage with nature
  • Support your child's scientific discovery 
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School Field Trips

GROW's project site is intended to be, in essence, a school garden for everyone. We are pleased to offer it to local schools as an educational destination for students of all abilities in all grade levels. Our director will work directly with your teaching staff to design a field trip that meets the learning goals you have for your students. A field trip to GROW is a great way to teach your students about urban conservation while also covering core science standards! 


Summer Day Camps

GROW is the perfect place for kids to get outdoors in the summer and experience a wide range of natural habitats! In fact, our camps are entirely outdoors! Your child will hike, explore nature, meet wildlife, and enjoy untructured playtime all while learning basic principals of urban conservation.