Board of Directors


Ginger-Rose Krueck, Co-Founder, Executive Director

Ginger-Rose is a certified Master Gardener in Davidson County and has been resident of Donelson for twelve years. She brings six years experience as the coordinator and keeper of a large Montessori school garden where her work impacted hundreds of students. She earned an Associate's degree in Elementary Education, served as a substitute teacher for Metro Nashville for many years, and has long standing relationships with many of the people necessary to support GROW's mission. At GROW, Ginger-Rose applies her passion for reducing barriers to education, as well as her own love of the outdoors, to create programming and educational outreach opportunities. Her commitment to and enthusiasm for the mission of GROW is infectious and she enjoys bringing diverse members of the community into the conversation around the GROW project.

Monica Escamilla, Co-Founder
Monica was the previous program director for Memorial Community Development in Evansville, IN where she spearheaded a program in which at-risk teens from the lowest 20% income levels were taught to develop urban land parcels into agriculturally-viable plots. The teens were taught how to raise vegetables, market, and sell the produce. Money they earned often went to help support struggling families in this farm-to-table program. She brings a passion for connecting urban students to career pathways in sustainable land management to the GROW mission and is the driving energy behind our projects focus on Permaculture.

Jonathon Krueck, Co-Founder
Jonathon is a Co-founder of GROW, husband to Ginger-Rose, and father of two children who share his love of the outdoors. As an introspective person, who prefers to take time to carefully consider options for growth, he is a counterbalance to the other two founders. As the only founder not involved in the daily operations of GROW, he's able to offer objective insight to members of the board. Jon is especially interested in the wildlife conservation and forestry management aspect of GROW's partnership with the Parks Department at the Two Rivers site.

Betsy Littrell, Board President

We are pleased to welcome Betsy Mason Littrell to our team this August, as Board President. As a licensed Architect and Realtor, she firmly believes that design can, and should, delight the human experience while solving complex environmental, social, and economic problems. She has a history of community engagement, volunteerism, and sustainability with the Nashville Civic Design Center, Urban Green Lab as well as through her professional career as an architect.  Her main focus has been centered on the intersection of land use, food production, and community development as the building blocks for an equitable and resilient Middle Tennessee and beyond - SO GROW IS A PERFECT FIT! She recently joined the "front lines" of real estate to help develop and market beautiful and sustainable communities. Betsy dreams big, laughs loud and is continuously pushing the envelope for equitable and regenerative development. She is excited to put her creative problem solving, project management, fundraising, and design skills to work at GROW. 

Courtney J. Brame, Vice President
Courtney is a Donelson resident with a passion for providing quality education through non-traditional means to all students. She is a parent of two elementary age children, active in their school's PTO, and also an active member of her neighborhood association. She has an educational background in environmental science and worked previously for the TN Department of Environment and Conservation.

Board Secretary - Position available

Board Treasurer - Position available
GROW is seeking an experienced board treasurer to join our team. This person must be able to devote a large quantity of time to helping our organization create financial policies and streamline proceedures in accordance with our rapid growth. Must be willing to work collaboratively, utilize technology, and guide the organization towards effective financial management practices. Please submit your resume directly to our President at if you are interested in being considered for this key role on our Executive Board.