Items for Students

Garden Tools

Power Tools and Machinery

  • chainsaw
  • mulching mower
  • leaf mulcher
  • edger
  • weed eater
  • tiller
  • small tractor with plowing attachment (used is fine)
  • zero turn mower (used is fine)



Lumber - Pine
2x4's for pavillion

Paving stones
hexagons, 1ft squares, permeable pavers


Educational Items

  • Large Worm Bin for use at our project site
  • 3 compact worm bins for use in school education efforts
  • Complete Beehives, new, for apiary education



Thin your plants and think of us! Plants we are specifically seeking include:

  • herbs of any kind
  • perennials
  • fruit trees (except peach)
  • raspberry or blackberry canes
  • bulb flowers
  • Iris and cannas
  • Hostas
  • yucca
  • succulents
  • Hydrangeas (white, lime light, or native "Oak Leaf")


  • Standard White Copy paper
  • Standard White Cardstock
  • wet wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • bug spray
  • heavy duty trash bags




  • Woodworking Construction Team (benches, tables, raised beds, compost bins, birdhouses, pavilion, and more!)
  • Pond Team (Do you know how to build a small pond that can host frogs and maybe fish? Come help us!
  • Woodsman (several trees need to be felled to make our site safe for children to play in)

Unskilled Laborers

  • dig holes and plant trees
  • spread mulch
  • fill raised beds
  • shovel compost
  • clean the forests of litter

Gardeners and Naturalists

  • Master Gardeners and Landscaper Designers for landscape development and installation
  • Willing hands for no-skills-needed tasks
  • Beekeepers to advise and assist with the bee sanctuary project
  • Identify native and invasive plants/plant labeling 


  • Fairy Dwelling makers
  • multi-media specialists
  • muralists
  • sculptors
  • sign painters