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Natural Playground Construction

Saturday 1/28/17, 1pm - 4pm

Team Leader(s): 

  • Jonathon Krueck, GROW Co-Founder) - Construction Team Leader
  • Eppie Bailey - Artists Team Leader
  • Monica Escamilla (GROW Co-Founder) - Forestry Team Leader

Location: GROW Natural Playground Area (Inside the 'Loop')

Primary Goals for Today: 

  • Constructing reading nooks (need 3-5 skilled woodworkers)
  • Installing a "fairy village" (need 5-10 artists and/or children)
  • Clearing and spreading wood mulch on the main trail in the adjoining forest (need 10-20 unskilled laborers)

Parking: Please park in the GROW parking lot located on the back side of the forest, adjacent to Two Rivers Middle School. *Look for the white flags along our roadway to indicate you are in the right place.

How to find us: From the parking area, follow the road towards the back of the property to the very end.