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Garden Workday - Preparing the Terraced Garden Site

  • We will need lots of hands to help us ready the place where our community learning garden is going to go. It is on a steep slope and the plan is to install a terraced garden with five levels, each having it's own small retaining wall to prevent erosion. We will have someone cut the terraces out with a bobcat for us and will then need volunteers to help put cinder-blocks in place for the retaining walls. 

Saturday, January 28th 2017, 1pm

Team Leaders

  • Jonathon Krueck (GROW Founder): Terrace excavation team
  • Monica Escamilla (GROW Founder): Permaculture garden team


Work will be taking place at the end of the roadway, below the natural playground area

Primary Goals (excavation Team)

  • Excavate the five tiers of the garden to the Northwest of the central walkway and level them for raised bed placement
  • Install cinderblock retention walls at each level to help with runoff
  • level the walkways and apply gravel

Primary Goals (permaculture team)

  • Dig out trenches for hugelkultur mounds


Please park in the GROW parking lot

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