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Orchard Workday - Saturday 9/16 - Calling all volunteers!

The GROW community orchard is a special place. Someday it will house over 200 fruit and nut trees to provide nutritious snacks for all who visit GROW at Two Rivers Park!

Our goal for this fall is to get the tall grass that has grown up around the trees cut short and to apply a thick layer of wood mulch around the base of every tree. We also have about 2 dozen remaining trees to be planted and some tree collars to install.

If you can spare a few hours, or if you have contacts with a scout troop or a teen who needs TN promise hours, please share this event and come help us!

Team leader: Brandon Maberry, GROW volunteer

Location: GROW Orchard

*Orchard volunteers may parallel park along the roadway beneath the orchard on the uphill side.  Please drive very slowly and watch for pedestrians. Children will be at play on site this day.

Primary Goals: 

·       lay down cardboard and apply mulch to base of trees

·       plant remaining apple and plum trees

Time Commitment:

*This is a "come when you can" event. Volunteers are not expected to stay the full day! We do ask that you try to put in at least one full hour of service and that groups consider a two to three hour commitment, depending on age and ability.

Please let us know you are coming by filling out this short registration form:

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How many people are in your group?

How To find us:

GROW is located at Two Rivers Park in Donelson. The address of 3105 McGavock Pike will bring you almost to the front our space. Here you must turn off of McGavock onto a small park roadway and then take an immediate right hand turn, crossing over the greenway bike trail, and veering to the left. Follow this roadway until you find our small parking area. From here, park and walk past the barrier to the end of the road where you'll find us hard at work!




Please feel free to bring them with you, with the understanding that you are responsible for their supervision at all times. You should note also that at this time there are no restroom facilities on our side of the park. The park restroom is located near the skate park off of Two Rivers Parkway and is not walking distance from our site for a small child. There is a portapotty available at the dog park across the street from GROW.

Dog Policy: Out of consideration for children and volunteers who may have anxiety or fear related to dogs we ask that you leave your pal at home. However, dogs are permitted to visit GROW at times outside of workshops, classes, and organized volunteer days so long as they remain on their leash, per our citywide PARKS regulations. Also, please be aware that the feces of dogs (and humans) contains E.coli bacteria that can be harmful to people and wildlife, as well as being a serious pollution to waterways. We ask that you be mindful of your pet and always pick up after them. Trash cans are located in the parking lot for disposal of animal waste. *This does not apply to certified assistance dogs as described in the ADA law on disability rights. 

Tobacco and Alcohol Policy: GROW seeks to improve the over-all health of our community through urban farming education and the promotion of physical activity in public parks. For this reason, we ask that you refrain from smoking or consuming alcohol on the premises. This will help us maintain a healthy environment for all who visit GROW.