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Forest and Garden Volunteer Day

Calling all those who are interested in tasks related to the forest conservation project and the garden upkeep, we need you this Saturday! 

Team Leader: 

  • Ginger-Rose Krueck (GROW Co-Founder) - Forestry Team Leader

Meetup Location: GROW Parking Lot

Parking: Please park in the GROW parking lot located on the back side of the forest, adjacent to Two Rivers Middle School. It is accessible via a small roadway labeled "bike trail" adjacent to the backside of the dog park. 

How to find us: Our team will meet at the parking area at 8am. If you arive late, please park in the GROW parking lot and follow the roadway past the barrier with the yellow markers on it until you reach the natural playground at the end of the loop. We will be working in the upper forest next to the playground today. 

Primary Forest Goals for Today: 

  • Removing small-sized invasive privet shrubs and chinese honeysuckle
  • Planting new native trees and shrubs to re-forest the area
  • Digging tree holes
  • Planting trees
  • tagging trees with flagging tape, species, and year planted

Primary Garden Goals for Today:

  • Rake up the remaining two hugelkultur mounds to prepare them for planting
  • sow additional pumpkin seed in the pumpkin patch and plant left over seedling plants in
  • weed the burm below the sand pit and fill with remaining lettuce and cabbage starts
  • treat cabbages on the top hugelkultur mound for catterpillars (organic pest control)

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