Beekeepers Wanted

We are looking for experienced beekeepers to volunteer at GROW with our bee sanctuary project. One of the major goals we have for the apiary is to develop a beekeeper training program for students at McGavock High School next door. GROW's focus is on the urban aspects of food production, land management, conservation, and wildlife protection. As such, we find bees to be a practical and viable option for animal husbandry education with urban students. In this program we hope to match each student with an experienced mentor. The students will be assigned an empty hive and have to go through each phase of establishing their colony, doing the labor themselves with the guidance of their mentor. 

Aside from the mentoring program, we will need volunteers to help manage the bee yard, collaborate on bee health issues, prepare food for new or weak colonies, and serve as docents at our community outreach events. 

If you would like to volunteer with our Bee Sanctuary Program please submit your information and a member of our team will contact you promptly. 

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