Photo by JackF/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by JackF/iStock / Getty Images

Check out our progress on the public orchard in this gallery!

Volunteers Needed

To say our plans for the public orchard are ambitious would be an understatement. GROW has begun planting of what will someday be an expansive public orchard containing more than a hundred fruit and nut trees plus additional flora specifically to benefit native pollinators. What is a public orchard you ask? Well it's an orchard by the people, for the people! Our vision for the GROW orchard is to create a sustainable food production site that is cared for by the community and distributed freely to both people and wildlife as a part of the permaculture park concept. By nature, orchards are labor-intensive to install. We need committed volunteers to help us with this hard work which will later make a huge impact on our community. Members of the Orchard Team will continue the work of planting new trees, help provide protection and care for them, and help us maintain the orchard as we continue to develop it. Tasks may include:

  • mowing grass
  • operating a weed-eater
  • planting trees
  • mulching trees
  • tagging trees
  • pruning trees (in subsequent years)
  • being a docent in the orchard at our community outreach events 

If you would like to help with this component of our project please fill out this form and a member of our team will contact you promptly. 


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