Here are some photos of our volunteer educators at work!

Give the gift of knowledge

All of the things we are working on at the GROW project site are tied together with a common thread; educating the public. Whether we are teaching a school group about native bees or hosting an urban wildlife encounter, it takes volunteers with a passion for sharing knowledge to accomplish our goals.

Some examples of areas where volunteer educators serve are:

  • homeschool enrichment programming
  • school field trips 
  • summer day camp
  • docents for large events at the project site

Some examples of things volunteer educators do at GROW are:

  • lead nature based crafts with kids
  • lead nature hikes 
  • teach students various urban farming skills (permaculture, herbology, foraging, composting, vermaculture/worm farming, aquaponics, and more!)
  • read to students at programming events
  • build birdhouses with kids
  • teach students about key GROW focus objectives (urban forestry, native bees, urban birds, organic gardening, conservation, native plants, urban wildlife)
  • work with pre-schoolers 
  • work with adults
  • explain aspects of our project to visitors at large events

Do you need to be a certified educator to help GROW share knowledge? Absolutely not! What we are really looking for are people who have specialized skills, education, training or passionate enthusiasm in key areas that support our mission and the ability to work with students of varrying ages. Are you a mushroom farmer as a hobby? Do you have gardening know-how? Passionate about saving the bees? Concerned that today's children don't spend enough time outside in nature? Any of these things could indicate that joining the education team at GROW might be a good fit for you. We ask only that you bring your enthusiasm and willingness to serve the public, we'll provide the training and support for you to succeed!

Ready to explore a volunteer educator role? Start here by filling out this inquiry form. Someone from our team will contact you to learn more about your areas of interest and discuss ways you could connect with our project!

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